This is a traditional Brazilian dessert.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep time 5 mins Cook time 45 mins Rest time 13 hrs Total time 13 hrs 50 mins
Servings: 35



  1. Prep

    Place all ingredients in a pan (non-stick preferred).

  2. Cook

    Cook on low heat (if using induction, best not to go above 4), stirring continually until well combined and thickened. It should lift easily from the bottom of the pan (around 45 minutes).

  3. Rest

    Pour your mixture in a greased pan to rest for an hour at room temperature. Then refrigerate for 12 hours (cover with plastic to avoid picking up flavors from your fridge).

  4. Form

    Grease your fingers with butter to form the brigadeiro balls.

  5. Roll

    Roll the balls in chocolate sprinkles.

  6. Serve

    Place your brigadeiro in mini cupcake liners and store in the fridge for better texture.

Keywords: Brigadeiro, Brazil, Sweet, Desserts

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