Making a pie crust can be challenging. But with a little practice and this recipe, you can be an expert. This crust can be used for sweet or savory, and if you have a food processor there is an even easier way to make it (see the note).

Thank you B. B. for sharing this recipe! It is inspired from Inspired Taste. It will make two pie crusts, or in other words one pie with top and bottom crust, or two pies with just the bottom crust (such as Lemon Pie). And here’s a tip: if you plan to make a large pie, multiply by 1.5 to make sure you have enough.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep time 15 mins Rest time 1 hr Total time 1 hr 15 mins
Servings: 2



  1. First part of flour

    Place 1 1/2 cups of flour and the salt in a medium sized bowl. Mix until combined. Add the butter and cover the cubes with flour before beginning. Use a pastry dough blender or a fork to cut the butter in the flour as fine as you can. You should end up with a course dough, which is like homemade breadcrumbs.

  2. Cold water

    Add a couple ice cubes to 6 TBL of water.

  3. Second part of flour

    Add the rest of the flour to the dough and mix with a fork, spatula, or pastry dough blender (but not with your hands) until it is well distributed. You should see crumbs and pieces.

    Add the ice-cold water a few drops at a time. Ise a spatula to fold part of the dough over to mix. If it is still dry, you can add 1-4 TBL more water (one at a time). It will be ready when you are able to squeeze a bit and it will hold its shape.

    Do not add too much water, and do not over mix. With this type of dough, it is best to undermix rather than overmix.

  4. Form a disc

    On a lightly floured surface, take out your dough and form 2 discs. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 1 hour for up to 2 days (see note).

    If you are going to chill for more than 2 hours, it would be recommended to form your disc thinner and larger to later roll out easier. If desired, you can freeze the dough at this point. Wrap in plastic and place in a sealed bag. Defrost in the fridge overnight to roll out the next day.
  5. Roll out

    With a rolling pin extend the dough to the desired size and thickness. If it is hard, let it rise in temperature for around 5 minutes before rolling out. 

  6. Place in your mold
  7. Trim the edges

    Trim the edges with a knife or kitchen scissors but leave enough for the edging.

  8. Follow the instructions for the dish you will prepare.


This recipe is even easier to make in a food processor. Follow the instructions above, but instead of using a fork or anything else, add the first part to the food processor and pulse until you have your dough. Then add the second part of flour and pulse only until it is combined. Then add the water a TBL at a time while pulsing until you get the right texture. You may not even need the 4 TBL of water. Then follow with the rest of the steps.

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